A Preferred Trading Network That Complements Your Cash Business

Professionally managed trading networks, such as TradeMerx, emerged to expand the benefits of barter, i.e.,consummating a deal without the need of cash. 

By joining TradeMerx’s preferred trading network you can trade conveniently with several business owners, circumventing the limitations of direct one-on-one barter.

TradeMerx will help you minimize the transaction cost and complexity of bartering for business, while maintaining high levels of governance and control.

What is most important to you?

Monetize Idle Capacity

TradeMerx will assist you in identifying and monetizing your under-utilized income opportunities

Offset Cash Expenses

Preserve cash flow by replacing your cash expenses with trade wherever possible

New market, more possibilities

Leverage on trade to expand your operations and access a captive market to promote your offering

Collect Without Litigating

Convert bad debt into good and services of value to your business and your lifestyle

Help Your Favor Cause

A more efficient form of in-kind donation to support your favorite cause and charity

You Deserve More

Fund your lifestyle through trade and keep cash in your business


Reclaim Lost Revenue

Business experience periods of downtime during certain days of the week, weeks of the month and times of the year. This downturn manifests in the form of unused production capacity, slow-moving goods, unsold appointment time, underutilized staff, empty hotel rooms, unfilled advertising space, among others.

The financial cost associated to unused capacity and slow-moving goods is high, especially in markets with high interest rates markets such as Mozambique. Sadly, available options to monetize unused capacity and of slow-moving goods are limited and businesses will typically discount stock, run dealer promotions or write it off.

We will assist you in finding additional customers to utilize your business downtime, contributing to create additional value from under performing assets. You will sell excess stock at the normal selling price avoiding the need to reduce your profit margins. By trading in our preferred trading network, you are effectively gaining revenue that would otherwise be lost.

Save Cash

Business may run out of cash compromising their ability to meet cash obligations. By trading in TradeMerx’s Network, you will generate opportunities to improve cash at your hands, without even generating new cash sales. This is achieved by replacing, whenever possible, cash expenses with trade expenses. Apart from cost of sales, payroll, rents, taxes and utilities that tend to be cash based, all other cash expenses categories can be offset by trade.

There are additional benefits associated with offsetting cash expenses by trade. A business may eliminate the need to reduce or cut certain budget items due to lack of cash, especially during periods of economic recession. It may also help a struggling business from avoiding bankruptcy. This can be achieved by freeing up cash to meet outstanding obligations, as a result of offsetting cash expenses by trade expenses.

Preserving cash is the primary reason why businesses are interested in joining the TradeMerx’s Preferred Trading Network. Cash is king, so, conserve it! Choose to pay your supplier with your products and services.


Grow Your Business

Current options to get new customers involve hiring additional sales force, increase advertising, discounts and promotions. When participating in a bid, your experience matters, but being able to present a competitive financial proposal is key in winning tenders. Access to bank financing to fund capital expenditures is limited, impacting negatively on the investments businesses need to make to expand their business or maintain their competitive position.

When joining TradeMerx you will gain exposure to a new and captive market. You will promote your offering directly to our membership based in our directory, marketplace, newsletter and by building relationships at the networking events. When participating in tenders you can improve your financial proposal by giving the client the option to pay part of the total costs with their products and services, increasing your probability of winning. These actions will bring you new clients that will generate additional revenue.

In addition, we will help you in identifying opportunities to fund part of your budgeted capital expenditure program using your products and services. This added competitive advantage will allow you to have an affordable way of making the necessary investment to increase your competitive position.

Collect Bad Debt

Outstanding accounts receivable can put a serious strain on your business. Most clients paying late might be facing liquidity problems. They may not have cash to pay you but may have products and services that can be leveraged to settle the debt.

TradeMerx offers an efficient way to collect bad debt without the need for litigation. If your debtors qualify, they can join TradeMerx and sell their product or service. The trade proceeds will be transferred to you and you can buy in the TradeMerx’s Network products and services of need to your business or to fund your lifestyle.

With this solution, which is useful where debtor is unable to pay in cash, you convert bad debt into products and services that you need.



For donors: Although nonprofits tend to focus on procuring cash donations, an increasing portion of charitable contributions by companies has been in-kind. However, some of the good, services and volunteer time you donate might not match with charity’s needs. TradeMerx offers an efficient way of addressing the mismatch. Your favorite Charity will trade your in-kind donation by goods and services they need within our preferred trading network.

In addition to supporting, when you implement a donation program you may contribute to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones. Consumers have a more positive image of companies and products that support causes they care about.

For Charities: In-kind contributions can be an important source of funding for your programs and activities, especially during times of economic recession. You will trade the accepted in-kind donations with goods and services you need to implement your noble mission. In addition, we will support you in identifying opportunities to offset existing cash expenses by trade, freeing up the much-needed cash to fund your programs.


Most people start business to improve the quality of life of their families. (However,) quite often family money and time is compromised. Business owners seldom receive the adequate financial compensation as money that comes in tends to be absorbed by the business. Quality time with family tends also to be sacrificed as businesspeople commit more time to their businesses than initially anticipated.

By joining TradeMerx you can reclaim your lifestyle aspirations. You can use your products and services to fund activities that will provide quality time with your family, such as dining out, clothing, entertainment, memberships in private clubs, home related, and many more lifestyle items.

By using trade to fund your lifestyle aspirations, you have an added benefit – cash preservation. This preserved cash will contribute to increase the wealth of your family and it is a funding source to expand the activities and production capacity of your business.